Objectives –


1.  Increase school attendance.


2.  Increase academic performance.


3.  Increase parental involvement in student’s education.


Research has shown that school attendance decreases due to a lack of engagement or difficulty in attaining academic achievement. The Embry Center for Family Life is expanding its mentorship program to include an academic tutoring program. The anticipated outcome will be each child reducing levels of disengagement and increasing their academic performance by one grade level each quarter, particularly in the areas of English and Mathematics.


Outside of homework assistance, the youth will have opportunities to explore media development, engage in financial literacy workshops for adolescent youth and their parents, college/SAT preparation, and engage in mother-daughter sessions designed to strengthen relationships and foster a positive home environment. Tutors will engage in on-going communications with parents in order to help parents become advocates for the resources needed to support their child’s education.


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Rev. Dr. Edna Canty Jenkins, Director

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