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Embry Center for Family Life is a small organization born out of the work initiated by the Embry A.M.E. Church over the years. During our work in the community we noted that there were significant gaps in the resources provided to our community. The Center was incorporated in October 2011 and received 501 C3 status from the IRS in April 2012. Thus far, the Center has been engaged in student advocacy, parent training,

assisting in job development, and sponsoring the Lakeland All-Stars Basketball team.


Our Mission:


To strengthen individuals and families to thrive within their communities by providing spiritual support, education, advocacy, and counseling.


Our Goals:


  • Assist members of the community to identify and exercise their God given talents, gifts, and strengths.


  • Develop training programs that align with the needs of the community.


  • Increase knowledge of procedures and requirements for accessing community resources.


  • Assist members of the community to develop life goals and understand the steps and actions required for achievement.


  • Prepare members of the community to effectively communicate their goals and desires to service providers.


  • Provide assistance to adults and youths to help them navigate the education system.


Our Services:


*Advocacy    *Coaching    *Mentoring    *Career Development    *Computer Training


*Workshops  *Health Education   *Financial Management




Phone: 301-474-7503

Email: embryfamctr@gmail.com

Rev. Dr. Edna Canty Jenkins, Director

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